Tooth Colored Fillings

NO Silver (Amalgam) Fillings used at Cottonwood Creek Dental.

We only use Tooth Colored-Bonded-Fillings!

Silver Mercury Fillings have been and unfortunately still are the dental filling material of choice for many dentist today. Silver Fillings were developed as an inexpensive option to fill cavities in teeth. Silver Fillings are made up of Silver, Tin and Copper and in order to get all these metal to stay together they are mixed with 50% Mercury.

Unfortunately Mercury responds the same way it does in a thermometer, it will expand and contract as it responds to hot and cold temperature. The expansion increases pressure inside the tooth and has been know to cause tooth crack and fractures. The contraction allows the filling material to pull away from the tooth providing a microscopic gap that allows bacteria to get underneath the filling and cause a cavity deep inside the tooth.

With State of the Art Tooth Colored Bonded Fillings we have the technology to return the Aesthetics, Form and more importantly Function back to your teeth. These materials contain no metal and more importantly no Mercury. Better yet they actually form a physical bond to the surface of the tooth.