Porcelain Onlays

Porcelain Dental Onlay detailThe goal with all of Cottonwood Creek Dental patients is to conserve as much natural tooth structure as possible when restoring a broken or decayed tooth. Unlike a crown that covers the entire tooth, a Porcelain Onlay only replaces the portion of the tooth that is broken or needs repair.

Once the tooth has all of the decay removed and good healthy tooth structure has been established, an impression is made and a temporary placed in the tooth. From that impression the laboratory can make a Porcelain insert or an Onlay that will replace the missing tooth structure. At your next visit the Onlay is permanently bonded to the tooth and polished.

Porcelain Onlay Top View

Onlay’s conserve more of the patients natural tooth structure and provide the necessary strength for long term success that a traditional filling cannot provide. Studies have shown that restoring a tooth with a porcelain Onlay can restore the tooth to approximately 97% of the tooth original strength.

The advancement in Bonded Dentistry allows us be much more conservative and creating more strength to the natural tooth than ever before. Not to mention the just look better!