All Porcelain Crowns

All Porcelain Crowns Before and AfterThe biggest compliant you hear from patients regarding crowns or caps is the dreaded black line that shows up next to their gum tissue. This unattractive black line we have all seen with traditional Porcelain fused to metal crowns, is from the metal substructure the crown is built upon. The gum tissue can be allergic to the metal, mainly the nickel that is present in the metal, in which we then see the gums recede or pull away from the crown exposing the unsightly “Black Line!”

For years this was our only option in dentistry until the introduction of ALL Porcelain crowns. With ALL Porcelain crowns the metal substructure has been replaced with a strong and extremely accurate fitting porcelain foundation.

All Porcelain Crown Detail

Since there is no more metal, these crowns are not only better looking they actually fit the tooth more accurately because they are made from CAD / CAM technology. A computer actually makes the substructure of the crown resulting in a superior fit that equals a longer lasting crown.

So say goodbye to Black Lines around crowns forever and insist on state of the art All Porcelain Crowns!