March 24, 2016

The Gift of a Great Smile! You deserve nothing but the BEST!

Since the beginning of time people have battled the effects of aging in order to look and feel younger and more confident with their

appearance. History has repeatedly shown us that people will journey to the far ends of the earth to discover ways to improve and restore their youthful appearance.

Maintaining that ageless beauty, until lately, was reserved for the rich and famous. Today, the largest segment of our population, the Baby Boomers, has brought the fountain of youth, through appearance enhancing therapies, to the forefront of our society. More than ever before, these youth re-energizing thera- pies are becoming common place and accepted within our society.

According to a recent survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, nine out of ten adults consider an attractive smile to be an important social asset. Eight out of ten believe an unattractive smile makes a person less appealing to the opposite

sex and three fourths of those surveyed suspect that an unattractive smile can negatively impact their career opportu- nities. Nearly half said they would like to make some improvement with their own smile.

So why does our smile seem to have such a profound impact on our social and personal lives? Our smile is the first thing people notice about us and in our society it says so much about who we are and where we are from. Believe it or not, our smile is a representation of how healthy and successful we appear.

Our smile is an important factor when it comes to the most common form of communication we utilize today– non- verbal. Whether we are happy, sad, depressed or excited our smile will determine how profound that feeling is for us. Try being sad with a big giant grin on your face—it’s impossible. We express so much of ourselves to others through our smile.

Today dentists specially trained in Cosmetic Dentistry have many options available when it comes to improving a

person’s smile. “Most people think that in order to improve their smile it will be difficult, painful and costly” reports Dr. Jim Makowski, clinical instructor St. Joseph’s Hospital, Denver, Colorado. The advancements in tooth-colored bonded dentistry have provided trained dentists with materials and techniques that can return that youthful appearance and feeling many people are searching for. In fact, many of the advanced cosmetic dental procedures that can have a dramatic effect on your smile can be accomplished in one appointment with some procedures requiring no numbing whatsoever.

We all want to feel great about how we look. When we are feeling self- confident we are able to give all of the beauty that lies inside of us. Our smile is such an important step to unleashing that inner beauty and showing the world who we really are. It’s just too easy today with the advancements in Cosmetic Dentistry for anyone to remain unhappy with their smile. Start SMILING today!



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